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The World’s only juicer requiring no cleaning

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Black, Red, Silver, White


2 Years Domestic



Extra bags

2 Packs of 24 filters (inner + outer) +$22, JUlaVIE X Inner Filter pack (24) +$13, JUlaVIE X Outer Filter pack (24) +$13, JUlaVIE X Silicone Bag +$29, No Extra Bag


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How does it work?

It ‘s really easy. Place the outer silicon filter inside the machine and position the cup where the juice will come out from.  Then simply chop your fruits and vegetables according to your recipe, and put them into the inner filter, fold it and directly hang it inside the outer filter, close the door and press the J button and wait for the machine to press twice and fill your cup.  If you want you can reduce the prep time by prepping few bags at one time, in this case just fill few inner bags and keep them in the fridge and then just insert them when you want to juice and press the J button.

Can I use other plastics bags to replace the juicing bags?

Not advised, as JUlaVIE X will produce a force of about 8 tonnes, our juicing bag is specially designed to withstand such large pressure. Other plastics bags that you can find in stores would burst if you use them with JUlaVIE X.

How much are the extra bags?

The reusable Silicon Outer filter comes free with the machine (1000+ uses) & the Inner filters are sold in a pack of 24 (Min 5 uses each, total 120 juices) at $13, 1 pack is given free when purchasing the machine. Additionally, you can purchase a pack of 24 Silicon Outer filters for the same price of $13.

How much does each juice cost to make ?

Around $0.1 per juice based on the use of the inner filter for a minimum of 5 times. The reusable Silicon Outer filter (1000+ uses) + a pack of 24 Inner filters (Min 5 uses each, total 120 juices) come free with the machine. Both can be purchased separately, in packs of 24 pcs. for the price of $13

Can I cold press and Juice all vegetables and fruits including leafy greens and hard vegetables ?

Yes you can, please find below a detailed summary :

How safe is it?

JUlaVIE X comes with a full safety mechanism, basically the machine will not work unless the compartment where you insert the bags is shut. Same underneath it is completely blocked.

What are the bags made of?

The outer juicing bag is made out of silicon that can be reused around 1000 times while the inner bags are BPA free, food grade recyclable filters that can be used for a minimum of 5 times or just disposed of after one use.

Is there a recommended size of chopped pieces ?

It depends on the ingredient used and how much natural water the ingredient has, so for example for fruits and vegetables that have high water content like apples, oranges, spinach, pineapples etc… just cut them into few pieces and they will cold press perfectly. For leafy greens like kale and wheatgrass just cut into few pieces and use the glove provided for few seconds to break the tips while for hard vegetables like carrots cutting them really small or even better shredding them for large quantity will increase and maximise the yield.

What is the capacity of the juicing bags?

Each bag can contain up to 400g of raw products and the juice yield will vary between 250 ml and 300 ml depending on the ingredients used.

Why is no cleaning required ?

JUlaVIE X works with uniquely designed juicing bags with completely separate fruit and vegetables from the machine, meaning JUlaVIE X itself never needs to be cleaned. Saving you up to 25mins each time you juice.

How loud is the machine?

It is only about 40Db in operation so it is actually very quiet.

How long does a juice take to make?

After one press of a button just 90 seconds for 8 tons of pressure to squeeze out your juice ready to drink or refrigerate.

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